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Convenience Apps With Great Referral Schemes

A referral is the highest form of appreciation a customer can give to any business.

Apps With Great Referral Schemes

“Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend.” We completely concur, Mr. Zuckerberg. A referral is the highest form of appreciation a customer can give to any business. Not only that, but it’s the most useful thing they can provide to their friends! It’s a win-win, all round. A steady stream of customer referrals not only generates profits for a business, it can help your friends navigate the endless choices out there, and earn you some great rewards!

We’ve rounded up our top 4 referral schemes from apps in the convenience space, to share with you.


Perhaps the most famous of all referral schemes is that set up by Dropbox. Dropbox offers you more space for referring their services to your friends. It’s a no-brainer. Who doesn’t want more storage space for free? Basic accounts get 500 MB per referral and can earn up to 16 GB. Professional accounts get 1 GB per referral and can earn up to 32 GB. Once you’ve sent the referral, this person simply needs to download the Dropbox Desktop app, sign in and verify their email address for you both to receive bonus space.


In addition to the great on-demand dry cleaning and laundry services offered by Laundromap, they offer a great referral program to their users. They offer a deal which gives your friends $20 off their first order, plus $20 off for you. Given $20 can pretty much get each of you a week’s worth of professionally cleaned and pressed shirts delivered to your front door, that’s a pretty sweet deal. All you have to do is download the app and create an account. Then share it via “Invite Friend” in the   “Account Details” section. We know you’ll love it!


Sittr is an app that connects parents with trusted carers for their children. The aim of the app is to simplify the search process. Parents can instantly book and pay for a reliable babysitter, one who has already been checked and vetted, offering peace of mind. Sittr offers a fantastic incentive scheme to encourage you to tell your friends. For each friend who activates and uses an account, you both earn $25 worth of credit in your account. $25 will get you almost a WHOLE hour of babysitting for FREE. And given you can recommend a sitter you have used yourself, the power of the referral just gets better and better!


How much more efficient (and exciting) could meal planning and grocery buying be in your household? There is certainly an abundance of online food and cooking delivery options available to us now. But perhaps the chef in you still fancies the supermarket trip, to squeeze and smell the fresh lemons, and to choose your preferred cut of chicken or fish. If so, Mealime is an app for you! It has 91 5-star ratings in the App store, no big surprise considering it’s a FREE app that generates really delicious meal plans, including shopping lists! You’re able to plug in your individual needs, such as allergies, dislikes and number of serving sizes. Just think of the time you could save and the waste you could avoid. Genius! There is a great sharing option within this app too, but there’s nothing in it for you. That is, aside from a satisfied feeling from passing on something genuinely useful. And, isn’t that enough?


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