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A year of washing Perth’s dirty laundry

Australasia’s app-based on demand dry cleaning and laundry service was launched in Perth a year ago. This month Laundromap is celebrating this milestone

It’s been a year since we start operating Perth!

Since Laundromap was launched in Perth a year ago Laundromap has professionally washed, pressed & delivered laundry, dry cleaning and linen to Perth’s busy professionals & families who have found a way to outsource the chores of laundry – without it becoming another chore to pick up and drop off.

Laundromap first opened its door in Perth late in Feb 2017. Since then it has been a rapid journey of growth and development and we have learnt a lot along the way. As always, it’s our customers who have driven so much of this with invaluable feedback, advice and spreading the word.

Laundromap’s mission is to reduce the hassle around life’s less fulfilling, but necessity chores, so time can be better spent. And doing it one washing basket of dirty laundry at a time.

Adam Plownan, Executive Chairman, says “We’ve focused on building trusting relationships with our customers, it’s the core of our offering. We know that handing over precious clothing is something you want to do with someone you trust. Our drivers know our customers, and our customers know our drivers”

Laundromap extended the service into Geraldton midway through 2017, when the local dry cleaner there closed their doors. The Laundromap vans now go up there most days to meet that demand.

Plowman also says that “after a year of cleaning Perth’s dirty laundry we have touched a lot of lives and communities, and of course we’ve seen our share of interesting things too”

There are big and exciting plans ahead for 2018 and beyond, keep your eyes peeled for news!

Laundromap’s best selling products so far:

  • The Nine to Five – five shirts washed, dried and professionally pressed, picked up and delivered fresh and ready to go weekly. A slick way to operate …
  • Wash, dry fold – the super laundry basket service where they take the dirty laundry, wash & dry it and return it cleaned, folded and smelling like success!
  • Bedding – the old saying that clean sheets is one of life’s little everyday luxuries is turbo boosted when you don’t have to do the washing your self! It’s a true pleasure to lay in “Laundromapped” sheets


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