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Decluttering Your Wardrobe

With Laundromap’s easy wardrobe organisation tips, you can look after your clothes properly and only buy things you really want or need!

There’s nothing like the prospect of a shiny New Year to make you feel like clearing out your wardrobe. In fact, the idea of getting rid of those bobbled jumpers, ill-fitting jeans and never-worn-it, transient trends seems really satisfying but what about your inner procrastinator who wakes up the moment you look at your messed up closet? Well, with January almost over, do you think you can accomplish your new year resolution? With Laundromap’s last minute tips, you can certainly keep your promise to maintain order, look after your clothes properly and only buy things you really want or need!

#1 Start by emptying out your wardrobe:

It’s easy to forget to do this simple and most important step. But by getting to the very bottom and into all those shelves and corners, you will feel so much more satisfied when you finish!

#2 Capsule Your Closet:

According to Beth Zeigler of Bneato Bar, “Most girls (and we would add mean too) have a signature look—essentially, a version of what they look good in and like to wear but they’re hanging onto extra clothes just for their ‘fantasy self.” We absolutely agree with her! It is advised that we keep a set number of clothes, shoes and accessories that are designed to complement each other no matter what combination they’re worn in. This practice definitely takes away the pressure of choosing what to wear every day, stops you from hoarding clothes, and generally seems to make life a lot easier! In fact, if one can be brave enough, embrace it. A closet filled with only things you love and use will be a closet that you love to use.

# 3 Donate, Throw And Keep:

When sorting through your entire wardrobe, you might be tempted to pull everything out before you start working through it. Instead, try making separate piles, piece by piece, for each category: Donate, Throw and Keep.
But hadn’t you thought that selling your old pieces would earn you some extra money? Well, time is equal to money! Yard sales take a lot of work and time to carry out the whole process. You have to know what brands they take, what season they’re currently buying, and you never know if you will get cash up front or wait until the items sell.” Therefore, just donate the pile and be done with it! For the items you want to throw, you can always dump them in a recycling yard and for the pieces you want to keep, stack them orderly into your wardrobe!

# 4 Ask yourself questions:

Most of the fashion bloggers encourage their team of enthusiasts to ask themselves some hard hitting questions while redoing their wardrobe.

  • Is this a representation of my ‘fantasy self’ or will I actually wear it?
  • How did I feel the last time I wore this?
  • Does it fit you?
  • Have you worn it in the last 6 months?
  • Is it free of damage, torn, or holey?

According to them, if you answer no to any of them, you should be sending that item of clothing straight to your donate or throw piles but if it’s a treasured heirloom or has significant sentimental value, consider putting those items in storage.

# 5 Find an organisational system that works for you:

We believe you should try out different methods of organising your closet and analyse which one works best for you. To ponder over some ideas, you could organise everything on the hangers by their colours or shades ( from light to dark), this makes it easier to pinpoint your outfits of the day and simplifies the decluttering process. Alternatively, storing similar items might work best for you, and not only it is aesthetically pleasing, but also really practical. You could even try the one-in one-out policy. This is exactly what it sounds like; every time you buy something new for your wardrobe, something you already own has to go.

# 6 Edit more often:

While most people tend to look at the New Year as a way to start fresh, we believe you should take a more fluid approach by editing down constantly. Make a fortnightly or monthly schedule that you can follow and stick to it. While you’re working on it, learn to live with less and keep all your items in sight so that they never go out of your mind! We encourage you to make an effort wear everything in my wardrobe at least once throughout the year. A really great way to keep track of this is to reverse all your hangers at the start of the year, turning them back the right way each time you wear an item.

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